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2008 WEEK 15 NCAA

While Dolphin Sports sat the sideline week 15 in the NCAA our other 2 VIP Service handicappers made up for it going 4-1 overall! Big Swiss lead the way with a 3-0 perfect record as he once again rode The Sooners and Gators to wins. Florida was his 4* Top Play on the week as they once again got the cover. This time in the SEC Championship game verses an Alabama team that finished the season covering their L6. Trailing 17-20 at the end of the 3Q Florida scored 2 TD with under 10 minutes left in the game for the back door cover as Tebow tossed 3 TD. Oklahoma (3*) put the smack down on a Mizzou team that struggled the last half of the SSN going 4-3 L7 SU and 2-5 ATS L7 prior to the Big 12 Championship game. The Oklahoma offense had their way with the Missouri defense as they racked up 627 yards of total offense in the game! Missouri also turned the ball over 3 times while OKL protected the ball all game without any TO as Oklahoma went on to win 62-21. Virginia Tech rounded off the week for Swiss as they snatched the ACC Championship once again winning the ACC title for the 3rd time in 5 SSNS. The Duke had the under/Florida (win) and under/Oklahoma (loss) on the week landing him at 1-1 on the week and 4-1 combined Pro and College over/under plays to this point in the season.

2008 WEEK 14 NCAA

Big Swiss went 3-1 week 14 in the NCAA as he won both his 4* plays of the week on Florida at Florida State, and Oklahoma at Oklahoma State. Florida is now 10-1 ATS this SSN. Florida put up 502 YDS O compared to 242 YDS by Florida St, they also grabbed 4 TO from FSU in the game. Oklahoma and Oklahoma St combined for 102 PTS in the game with the Sooners getting the best of the Cowboys for the 4th straight time ATS. Bradford threw for 370 YDS and 4 TD in a game that seen the two teams combine for 5 punts and only 3 punt return YDS! Oklahoma goes into the post-season after covering all but 2 lined games this regular SSN. Big Swiss also had Georgia Tech for a 3* W as they went to Georgia and controlled the game clock with their triple-option offense as they racked up 409 YDS on the ground and controlled the ball for nearly 7 minutes longer than the Bulldogs. Big Swiss` only loss on the day came as a 3* on UTEP as they dropped their finale in Greenville after covering the previous 3 of the SSN by an average of 15 PTS/game. The Duke was also 3-1 on the week as he won all 3 regular plays. Like Big Swiss, he also had Oklahoma for a W. The Duke also had Tennessee as they sent Fulmer out a winner in his finale, (Fulmer 152-52 SU in his career in TN), and Clemson as they covered their L3 of the SSN. His only loss on the week was a 4* out on VT as they won SU but failed to cover VS Virginia. The Dolphin went a perfect 2-0 on the week as he also rode with Florida as a 4* W and had Boise State as a 3* W on the week as Boise has now covered their L6 on the SSN, (6-1 L7 against Fresno St).

2008 WEEK 13 NCAA

Dolphin Sports went 3-1 week 13 in the NCAA as he won his 5* GOY with Ohio State in their final game at home this SSN. OHST dominated Michigan holding them to 198 TTL YDS of O on the day and grabbing 2 TO. OHST has now covered 4 of L5 against Michigan after this 35 PT win, (which was Ohio State's 3rd largest PT win ever against the Wolverines). Dolphin Sports also came in with 3 regular plays on the week with Florida Atlantic for his 2nd straight week (FAU was held to 63 YDS rushing on the day, gave up 2 TO, and lost the ball control battle 23:22-36:38). FAU failed to cover this week for The Dolphin, but his other 2 regular plays came through with No.7 Utah knocking off No.14 BYU in Salt Lake City. Utah doubled up on BYU 48-24 as they got 6 TO in the game from BYU and didn`t turn the ball over at all themselves all day. It`s no secret that TO are crucial in big games and when you are +6 in the TO margin in a big game it is a major plus. Utah dominated the 4Q with a 21-0 advantage. Less than 50 miles separate these two teams in this in state rivalry and Utah is now 6-0 SU in this series when both teams are ranked. The Dolphin wrapped up his week with another in state rivalry with Purdue as they slaughtered an Indiana team that has now only covered twice this SSN. While Indiana is 4-1 L5 ATS at Bloomington in this series, they are now just 1-5 L6 ATS in West Lafayette....can you say, "Watch for home field advantage in this series."? The Duke went 2-2 this week as he hit a 5* play with his 2008 NCAA Game of The Month on Oklahoma. Oklahoma is now 8-2 ATS after beating Texas Tech 65-21 in Norman. With 2 Heisman hopeful`s (Harrell 33-55, 361 YDS, 3 TD, 1 INT and Bradford 14-19, 304 YDS, 4 TD, 0 INT on the day) we got what we expected on the offensive side of the ball Sunday Night. TT controlled the ball for exactly 1:00 minute longer than OKLA in this game, and OKLA wins by 44. So what sticks out in this game to us? How about TT rushing for 45 YDS on the night while the Sooners rushed for 299! Congrats to Oklahoma who has now won 34 of L35 Big 12 games SU @ H under coach Stoops. The Duke also had 3* plays on the week out on West Virginia for a W (Pat Smith rushed for 200 YDS on the day breaking the NCAA record for most career rushing YDS by QB with 4,292 YDS), and losses on Memphis and Wake Forest. Big Swiss went 2-2 on the week as he came in with Texas Tech (4*) and UNLV (3*) for losses. His 2 "W"`s on the day came with Utah and Penn State. With Joe Pa looking down once again like a football god upon his team from the press box, he watched as his Penn State Nittany Lions got their 800th win in their school history. It also lands PSU at 8-3 ATS on the SSN and 5-1 L6 @ H ATS against Michigan St.

2008 WEEK 12 NCAA

Week 12 in the NCAA was mixed as Football Services handicappers seen both the highest of high`s and lowest of low`s. The Duke lead the way with a perfect 5-0 week, the Big Swiss went 0-5, and Dolphin Sports went 2-3. The Duke had Oregon State as his Top Play on the week putting up 339 YDS TTL O on the day and controlling the ball for almost 10 minutes longer on the day. The Oregon State D held Cal to only 85 YDS on the ground on the day as the home team got the 1st SU W in this series for the 1st time since 2002. The Duke also had regular plays on Auburn (their 1st cover since week 1 this SSN VS LA Monroe), Maryland (didn`t even need the PTS, the Terps now 4-0 VS ranked teams & 3-3 VS unranked teams this SSN), North Carolina State (Also didn`t even need the PTS, Wake Forest has now lost their L3 RG ATS, NCS held Wake to <100 YDS on the ground), Ohio State (OS was held to 49 YDS passing on the day but put up 305 on the ground, OS has now covered their L4 RG after losing ATS @ USC in 1st RG game of SSN, was OS 15th straight Big 10 SU road win). Dolphin Sports also had Ohio State as a regular win and came in with a top play on Florida Atlantic for a cover. FAU came into this one as a HD and racked up 523 YDS of TTL O, and picked up 4 TO from Louisiana-Lafayette for a 40-29 W in a game that had 955 YDS of TTL O. Dolphin Sports also had regular 3* plays out on New Mexico, USC, and Wisconson for losses on the day. Big Swiss went 0-5 this week and lost his GOY on Tulsa in a game that seen a TTL of 100 PTS on the board and 1142 YDS of TTL O! It was the most points allowed by Tulsa since 11-15-88 which was also at Houston for a loss (28-82). Tulsa is now 6-3 ATS & 8-2 SU this SSN. Big Swiss had Oklahoma State for a loss as a top play on the week as Colorado covered for the 1st time after losing 7 straight ATS. He also had 3* plays out on Arizona (controlled the ball for 41:46 compared to 18:14 by Oregon, but gave up 3 TO), South Carolina (gave up 4 TO and managed only 173 YDS of TTL O on the day), and Michigan. It`s a sad day when Michigan can`t even win at home on senior day against a Northwestern team that had only won in Ann Arbor 1 other time in their L21 games there since 1960. Congratulations to Michigan for having the school's most losses in a single season in 129 years of football with 8 losses on the year. Maybe the Big Swiss should have heeded his own advice and stayed clear of Michigan this SSN....they`ve only covered twice...and once was as a touchdown dog.

2008 WEEK 11 NCAA

Dolphin Sports went 1-1 with his top plays week 11 in the NCAA as he won with South Carolina and lost with Washington. South Carolina rotated with 2 QB's (Garcia & Smelly) as they combined hitting 13-30, 219 YDS passing, 2 TD and 1 INT. The SC defense also got 2 TO and held the Razorbacks to 54 YDS on the ground as they came away with a 34-21 win and cover even after giving up a garbage TD to Arkansas with 1:18 left in the game. Washington looked like an easy win as they lead 19-16 late in the 3Q, but then they gave up 23 unanswered PTS. With less than 3 min. in the game Washington had a drive and had 1st and goal on the 3 YD line and couldn`t get it in for the cover. The Dolphin also won with Western Michigan who went into the 4Q with a 20-10 lead over Illinois and managed to hold a lead to the end for a SU W as an UD! Florida was another easy win as they smacked around Vandy. They lead 35-0 at half but did give Vandy some YDS & PTS late in the game as Florida won 42-14. Dolphin Sports other loss was with Penn St. who had 3 nice drives in the 1st half of 71,75,78 YDS but came away with 2 FG and just 1 TD. The Iowa D played tough all game as they also picked up 2 TO on the day and held Penn St scoreless in the 4Q. Big Swiss` Top Play was on Penn St for a loss. Big Swiss won a regular play on Alabama over LSU in a game where LSU out-gained Alabama 382-353. Alabama missed a 29 YD FG with time running out in regulation to send it into OT where Bama would come away with 6 PTS for the W and cover. Big Swiss also came in with Texas Tech for another W. TECH fumbled on the 1st drive, then scored TD on the next 7 straight possessions, fumbled on the 9th drive and scored a TD on the 10th drive for a 629-368 YD advantage and 56-20 ROUT !!! SWISS' other loss on the day came with USC. IF you would have known that the high power offense of CAL would have been held to only 3 points at the end of the game, and Pete Carroll was 24-0 in November with USC, most people would have put the house, cars, kids and lunch money on this one. The Duke has now won 6 straight Top Plays in College as he had Nebraska against KU who hasn't won in Lincoln since 1968....That`s 40 years!! NEB gave up a late TD with 2:15 left in the game as they held on for a 45-35 win. The Duke also had a regular play out on Alabama for a win but lost with Penn St, W. Virginia (who gave up only 3 FD in the 2H to Cincinnati as WV came from behind 20-7 @ H to eventually tie and send into OT where they won the game but failed to cover), and San Jose St (QB Myles Eden started 3-8 for 11 YDS with 2 INT so an injured Kyle Reed came in and was 4-14 for 79 YDS as SJS only had 6 FD the entire game).

2008 WEEK 10 NCAA

Dolphin Sports was 2-3 week 10 in the NCAA losing his top play Oregon State as QB Lyle Moevao left the game in the 2Q with a sore right shoulder. Oregon State backup QB Sean Canfield came in and threw for 218 YDS and 2 TD. This game could have went into OT, but OST INT a 2PT with :21 to go in the game to get the win but failed to cover. He did win with C.Michigan (3*) playing with backup QB Brain Brunner as he threw for a school-record 485 YDS & 4 TD (Dan LeFevour out with a sprained ankle). Dolphin Sports also won with Texas Tech (3*), what a game! They dominated the 1H with a 22-6 lead and 326-108 YD edge. Texas fought back for the lead with 1:29 left in the game, but Tech came back with a 62YD/6 play drive for a game winning TD with :01 left. He lost with Oregon (3*) who played in heavy rain & on a water logged field. Cal had a 264-76 YD edge at H and got an INT and ran it back to the Oregon 3 YD line setting up a TD catch with 18 seconds before H. BYU was also a regular play Dolphin Sports lost as they dominated with a 551-401 YD edge but had 3 TO and had to come from behind and win outright with :22 left to keep their BCS bowl hopes alive. The Big Swiss was 2-3 on the week as he had Texas Tech as his Top Play and Texas A&M (3*) who had to comeback in the 2nd half. In the 1st half, Colorado had a 218-76 YD edge, but only a 10-3 lead. A&M had drives of 68,59,74 YDS for TD in the 3Q to take a 24-10 lead and held onto it as they only gave up 7 PTS the entire 2H. Big Swiss also had BYU as a regular play for a loss and Georgia who played the Gators with Tim Tebow. Tebow had 3 rushing TD's and 2 passing TD's as they rolled The Bulldogs at home in a "revenge" game. Big Swiss` 3rd loss on the day came with Utah who is still undefeated and looking for their 2nd BCS Bowl in 4 years as the got the SU W but failed to cover. Utah pulled out all the stops to remain undefeated as they scored their only TD off a trick play when Jerome Brooks caught a pass, then lateraled to Brent Casteel for 7. Our clients who rode with The Duke were rewarded with a 5-0 day! His Top Play Texas A&M came in once again as he has now hit his last 4 Top NCAA plays! The Duke came in on the other side of the ball in the Florida game and had Florida (3*) with their STOMPING vs Georgia. He also had a 3* out on Arkansas who jumped out 17-0 in the 1Q vs undefeated Tulsa and their nations top ranked offense. Tulsa had a 528-435 YD edge, but also had 3 TO as they were handed their first loss on the SSN by the Razerbacks. The Duke won with Georgia Tech, who held off Florida State for a cover losing QB Josh Nesbitt to a injury as they snapped a 12 game losing streak to Florida St. It was their 1st W against Florida St since 1975. He rounded out his perfect week with Clemson as they almost blew a 17-0 lead at the half but had a 339-236 YD edge in the game. GT also had 4 TO in the game and had a blocked punt that was returned for TD.

2008 WEEK 9 NCAA

Week 9 in the NCAA Dolphin Sports Top Play Rice (also Big Swiss 3*) got a big game from Chase Clement with 2 passing TD (7 & 17 YDS), and 2 rushing TD's (9 & 6 YDS) as he rushed for 57 YDS on the day on 8 carries. It was all Rice as they scored 5 times in the 1st half and went to the locker room with a 35-0 lead. Dolphin Sports had a 3* on Texas Tech (also Big Swiss 3*) who was just getting it rolling when KU Todd Reesing had 3 INT in 4 passes to start the 3Q as Tech ran it up to 63-21 as the Red Raiders handed Reesing his worst loss since High School. Graham Harrell had 386 YDS passing, 5 TD, and 0 INT on the day. The Dolphin had a regular play out on TCU (also The Duke`s 3*), as they avoided a letdown after beating BYU the week before against a struggling Wyoming team (Wyoming has failed to cover yet this SSN). Jimmy Young had a school record 226 YDS receiving and 3 TD of 60, 55, 39 YDS for an easy 54-7 win over Wyoming who everyone continues to roll over. Another Dolphin 3* was UNLV as they were more than 3 TD UD and had the lead 35-34 with 1:46 left in the game. Dennis Pitta caught a 6 YD Pass From Max Hall with 1:46 left as BYU got the SU W but UNLV held on for an easy dog cover. Dolphin Sports 4th dog of the day was a winner outright also, with Hawaii. Hawaii was leading by 4 when QB Greg Alexander entered the game in the 2nd half and ended the game passing for 205 YDS & 2TD's of 16, 24 YDS. Nevada rushed for 308 YDS, and held Hawaii to only 42 YDS on the ground for the day. Both teams had 2 TO as Hawaii and Dolphin Sports got the W. The Duke came in with Miami Fl. as his Top Play on the day, which was also a Big Swiss regular play. Wake Forest came out rushing for an unusual season high 52 rushes for 195 YDS on the day (ranked 103 in the nation rushing with 109 YDS/GM), but were held to 57 YDS passing. The Miami D tightened up in the 2H as they didn`t allow Wake to score at all in the 2H and came away a 16-10 winner for a cover. The Duke had another Florida team in Florida St. (also our free play of the day) as a regular play on the day. VT jumped out to a 10-0 lead, but they lost both QB's Tyrod Taylor & backup Sean Glennon with ankle injuries and Florida St took advantage for a 30-20 win and cover. Florida St has now W 13 of L14 games VS VT SU, including 6 in a row @ H. The Duke lost on N. Illinois (3*) as TD FAV who's QB Chandler Harnish became the 1st Huskie QB to rush for over a 100 YDS since 1990. NIU controlled the ball for almost twice as long as Bowling Green in the game but had 2 TO as they got the SU W but failed to cover. #18 Georgia Tech was another loss for the Duke as they took a 14-3 lead and never scored again until the 4Q as they got upset at home by Virginia 24-17. GT was held to 259 YDS TTL O on the day as they were handed their 1st home loss this SSN. Big Swiss was a winner with his Top Play Penn St. on Saturday Night as they were tied at half 3-3 with Ohio St in an old-fashion defensive football game. Ohio St had a 6-3 lead at the end of 3Q as Papa Joe benched an injured Daryll Clark for Pat Devlin who led the Nittany Lions to a 13-6 win and cover. It was Penn State`s 1st win in Columbus since joining the conference in 1993. Penn St is now 7-1 ATS this SSN and Big Swiss wonder`s.."They are winning, and beating teams like they should be with all of their talent, but outside of the Big 10 who have they really played? Oregon St and Syracuse. Yes, they beat Ohio State, but I thought they were over rated anyway. Oregon St is the highest rated O they have faced all SSN (22nd in nation). What would happen if you put them up against a Texas or Oklahoma? Or a team that can score on offense AND defense like Florida or USC. I think you may be surprised." Big Swiss lost his GOW with Mississippi where coach Houston Nutt came back to Arkansas for the 1st time since his "departure". OLE MISS had a 20-7 lead in the 4Q until giving up a TD with 4:28 left, THEN gave up 70+ yards in 4 plays in .38 seconds for the back door cover! Big Swiss came in earlier in the week as he lost on New Mexico who jumped out to a 10-0 lead in the 1Q, then started to help AF by laying down the ball with 4 TO, 1 of which was returned for a 96 YD TD. He also had San Jose St. who played a Boise St. team who is looking to go to a 2nd BCS game in 3 years time, and they got an old fashioned beating 33-16 handing Big Swiss a loss.

2008 WEEK 8 NCAA

Week 8 in the NCAA Dolphin Sports hit his Top Play Saturday with Louisville. Middle Tenn jumped out front to a 14-0 lead with an interception return TD & a 39 YD TD pass, but Louisville got rolling with 247 YDS rushing, a blocked punt for a TD, and kept rolling for the cover. He also had USF (3*) who gave up zero 1st downs and 9 YDS of offense in the 2H. USF scored on their last 4 POSS of the game to give them the cover. The Dolphin`s 3rd win was with Penn St (3*) who spotted Michigan with a 17-7 lead, then in Michigan`s next 10 POSS they only had 38 YDS in total O. Penn St. got in sync and scored on their L4 POSS. He also had South Carolina who controlled the game and didn't give up the lead until 4:16 left with a TD. SC then had an INT with 3:57 left and LSU ran out the clock. SC also had 2 missed FG's (3* loss). Oklahoma (3*) had their cover with 4:53 left in the game with the ball on their 33. They punted, and KU converted on a 3rd & 7 keeping the drive alive, and then on a 3rd & 2 with a 17 YD TD with .58 seconds left with a backdoor cover. Sam Bradford had a school record 468 YDS passing on the day. His last loss was also Big Swiss` Top Play on the day, Western Michigan. Central Michigan had 3 huge 3rd down conversions and 1 was a TD as they were playing without QB LeFevor (injured). Western Michigan had CONV issues as they failed to convert on 4th & Goal on the 2, and 4th & 1 on the 8. Big Swiss was also on Mississippi St. as a regular play, as they kept it 6-3 at the half. Then in the 2H gave up 2 INT's for 72 & 32 YD TD's. Big Swiss got a 3* W on Vandy over Georgia (GA was the Duke's GOD). Georgia had a 25-14 FD & 425-245 YD advantage in the game as they got the SU W but failed to cover. Big Swiss was also on New Mexico (3*) as they got the BIG 70-7 WIN !!! They had 419 YDS rushing and Rodney Ferguson ran for 4 TD's on the day. The Duke lost his GOD, but won with Oklahoma St (3*), Kansas St (3*), and Northwestern (3*). Colorado benched Cody Hawkins and his replacement Tyler Hansen was 7-14 for 71 YDS, and 1 INT. They brought in Hawkins to bring them back for a narrow win, and KSU got the cover. Okl St's Dez Brandt had a career high 11 catches for 212 YDS, and 2 TD's in their cover which makes Okl. St. 7-0, 3-0 conf. with Texas on deck. Northwestern was out-gained by Purdue, but grabbed 5 TO and bounced back from last week`s loss against Michigan St as they covered this week to put them at 6-1 SU on the SSN. For the first time, in our 3rd season online Football Services VIP Service posted selection`s from our first guest handicapper ever Kid Ace. Kid Ace came in with a perfect 2-0 day with Nebraska and UConn. Connecticut missed 2 field goals but still squeaked out a cover. Nebraska handled Iowa St with ease as QB Joe Ganz was 21-26, 283 YDS, 1TD in the 1st half. We and our Clients would like to extend our appreciation to Kid Ace, and we are looking forward to having him back to give us his educated predictions in the future.

2008 WEEK 7 NCAA

The Duke had 5 plays week 7 in the NCAA. He hit his top play on the week with Hawaii @ H against LA Tech. Hawaii got 4 TO and put up over 400 YDS of TTL O to help them improve to 6-1 SU all time over LA Tech (4-0 SU @ Aloha Stadium). The Warriors have now had 10 TO in 2 weeks (6 LW @ Fresno St), but are still -7 on the SSN. Hawaii travels to Boise St this week (Hawaii 3-0 ATS L3 against Boise St) to go up against a Broncos team that has now covered their L3 games this SSN. The Duke also had 4 regular plays on the week going 1-3 with his 3 stars on the week. He hit New Mexico St as they traveled to Nevada as DDD and walked away from Reno with the SU W. This was an old fashioned western shootout as the 2 teams combined for 93 PTS & over 1,000 YDS in TTL O! This week N Mexico St plays host to a San Jose St team that is 4-1 ATS this SSN. New Mexico St is once again the UD (UD every game this SSN). The Spartans have covered TL3 against the Aggies. The Duke`s 3 losses on the day came with Utep which was also our free pick of the week as they held Tulane to only 94 YDS through the air but gave up 318 on the ground! That could prove trouble as they head off to Tulsa this week against a Hurricane team that is 7th in the nation in rushing, averaging over 250 YDS a game on the ground. The Duke also had Kentucky (S Carolina now 9-1 L10 ATS @ Kentucky) at H, and Northwestern at H (Michigan St got 3 TO in the game and is now #6 in nation in turnover margin) for losses landing him at 2-3 overall on the week. Big Swiss had Missouri as his 4 star play on the week as Daniel`s threw 3 INT on the night (Chase had only threw 1 all SSN previously and that was in week 1 against Illinois). Oklahoma St is now 6-0 SU & 5-0 ATS this SSN. Big Swiss also had TCU who won SU but failed to cover as they held Colorado St to 11 YDS rushing, Texas Tech (now 30-5 L35 H games SU & has won 12 of the last 14 against Texas A&M ATS), and Arizona (Toby Gerhart 1 YD TD Run with 25 seconds left to put Stanford on top 24-23) for 3 star L on the day. Big Swiss had Penn St as a regular play for a win as he went 1-4 on the week. Like Big Swiss, Dolphin Sports was also on Texas Tech for a loss. Dolphin Sports Top play on the week was W.Virginia who was without QB Pat White. WV just plain got out played by Syracuse at homecoming. Noel Devine had a 92 YD TD run in the 4Q as he had a career high 188 YDS on the day. Dolphin Sports also had Oregon as DDF for a L who were without QB Justin Roper. It appeared they were starting to roll when they got a TD with 22 seconds left until half to make it 14-0 (Chris Harper 24 YD Pass From Jeremiah Masoli), but then gave up 24 PTS in the 2H. Oregon had 323 YDS on the ground and still manage to lose! Dolphin Sports 3rd loss was Miami,Florida who was held to 12FD's & 216 YDS on the day. Miami had 4 times the YDS in the 1H (168-42) and only had a 10-7 lead going into the locker room. The 14 PTS UCF did manage to scrounge up came from a 62 YD INT return & 99 YD KO return (UCF had only 78 TTL YDS on O for the day).

2008 WEEK 6 NCAA

Football Services rolled week 6 in the NCAA going 10-2 overall. Dolphin Sports lead the way going 4-0 hitting 3 regular plays including his top play on the day. His top play was Florida State as underdogs who pulled out the upset win as they racked up 440 YDS of TTL O and held Miami to only 51 YDS on the ground. They controlled the ball for almost twice as much time as Miami in the game as Antone Smith rushed for 4 TD including the game winner with 3:57 remaining to secure the victory. Dolphin Sports 3 regular plays on the day were all FAV as he came in with Western Michigan @ home in their homecoming game against Ohio for an easy cover as Tim Hiller threw for a SSN high 347 YDS & 4 TD, ( W Mich had 503 TTL YDS O). It was the 3rd time Hiller threw for over 300 YDS this SSN (W Michigan now 5-1 SU & has sent the game over 4 of their 5 lined GMS this SSN). Dolphin Sports also had 2 teams laying over 20 PTS for covers with Florida & TCU with the 2 teams holding their 2 opponents to a combined 14 PTS on the day. Florida is nothing but trouble for Arkansas as they have now covered their L7 against the Razorbacks, and TCU continues to cover as FAV this SSN as they increased their record this SSN to 4-0 when laying PTS. The Duke was 5-1 this week as he hit his top play with Ball State now covering every lined GM this SSN. His 3 star plays were 4-1 on the day with his only L coming on W Virginia (also our free pick on the day) in a game which Pat White was injured and left the game in the 3Q, and the Rutgers got a late TD to give them the cover. The Duke also had Navy (38 YDS passing on the day, and has now covered 9 of L10 against Falcons ATS), Texas Tech (5-0 this SSN but has played 2 DIV 1AA teams), and Minnesota (7-0 L7 @ home against Hoosiers) all for wins. Big Swiss rounded out our VIP service going 3-1 on the week as he also hit his top play on the week with Missouri on the road in Lincoln where they havent won since 1978. This one was a thrashing as Mizzou won 52-17. Big Swiss also had W Michigan, and Vanderbilt for wins. Is Vandy for real? It was Vanderbilt`s 1st W as a ranked team since 1956 and their 1st W against Auburn since 1955. Vanderbilt is now 5-0 SU & ATS this SSN and that includes beating 3 SEC teams! No guarantee`s, but Big Swiss see`s the Commodores goin bowling in `08 which would end the nation's longest BCS conference bowl drought (last bowl was 1982).

2008 WEEK 5 NCAA

Dolphin Sports had 6 plays week 5 in the NCAA. The Dolphin had 2 top plays with DDF in Ohio St and Pittsburgh. Chris "Beanie" Wells rushed for over 100 YDS in his 1st GM in a month as Ohio St appeared to be rolling to an easy cover in this game until Tressel called on Todd Boeckman to replace Terrelle Pryor in the 3Q. Boeckman only put 7 on the board in the 4Q and the Ohio St D went slack giving up 2 TD and a 2PT in the final 9 min of the GM. Adam weber completed a pass on a 4th & 14 from the 22 for a TD with just over a minute left in the GM, after it appeared the Ohio St D was gonna get to him that gave MIN the cover. After giving up a 90 YD KR for a TD to Michael Holmes in the 1Q Pitt fought their way back scoring 18 in the 4Q and held the Orange scoreless in the 4Q on their way to a 10 PT win, but failed to cover landing The Dolphin @ 0-2 on the day with his top plays. Dolphin Sports went 2-2 with his 3* plays on the day winning with Texas & Michigan @ home. It was Michigan's 500th GM in the "Big House", & its 27-25 victory was their largest comeback in the stadium's history as they upset #9 Wisconsin. Texas continues to roll as they are now 4-0 SU & ATS this SSN. The Dolphins two 3* losses came with Penn St & LSU who were both DDHF who got the SU W but failed to cover. The Duke also had Penn St (top) & LSU (reg) for L on the day. The Duke`s 3rd L on the day came with Iowa @ home which was also our Free NCAA Pick for the day who got upset by Northwestern who is now 5-0 on the SSN SU. The Duke won 2 regular plays on the day with West Virginia, and N Carolina who upset Miami on the RD winning outright (The 1st time the visitor has won in this matchup). Big Swiss went 1-3 on the week with his lone W coming from his 5* GOD with Bowling Green on the RD at Wyoming who covered by more than 3 TD! Big Swiss was also handed a L by Penn St (3*) as they failed to cover for the 1st time this SSN, and Nebraska (3*) as they got upset @ H by Virginia Tech. VT held Nebraska to only 55 YDS on the ground and got 2 TO on the day to bring this series to 1-1 all-time. Nebraska beat VT 41-24 in the 1996 Orange Bowl which was the teams only other meeting to date. Big Swiss had a top play out on New Mexico St @ H for a L as they got beat by New Mexico. New Mexico St had 430 TTL YDS of O compared to New Mexico`s 352, but managed only 48 YDS on the ground compared to the Lobos 297! The Lobos almost reaching the 300 YD rushing mark on the day helped them control the ball for over 17 min longer in the game En Route to their win over the Aggies.

2008 WEEK 4 NCAA

Week 4 in the NCAA was a rough week for our handicappers as they struggled and went a combined 4-8 on the week. Dolphin Sports split his plays going 2-2 on the week missing his Top Play on Utah @ Air Force. Utah had 3 TO in the 1H (2 FMBL, 1 INT) and went into the locker room trailing by 7. Utah managed to score 21 in the 2H to get the SU W but failed to cover. The Falcons came into the game with the 2nd best rushing O in the nation, averaging 358 YDS/GM, but the Utes held the Air Force O to 191 TTL YDS (53 on the ground). Utah is now 4-0 SU for the 1st time since 2004 and started the season with 3 of their first 4 games on the road. Next week they go home for 2 WKS to host Weber St from the Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division 1-AA), and Oregon St consecutively. Dolphin Sports had 3 star plays out on TCU and Penn St both for wins. The Dolphin has now had plays on Penn St for all 3 of their lined games this SSN for W. Penn St will face their 1st Big 10 opponent of the SSN next week as they play host to Illinois (Penn St 1-3 L4 VS IL ATS). TCU (4-0 SU/3-0 ATS and have not trailed this SSN) snatched 3 TO, had almost 500 YDS TTL O, and held SMU to -8 YDS rushing on the day to keep the "Iron Skillet". TCU stays on the road 1 more WK and travels to #2 Oklahoma (TCU 3-0 L3 @ OKL ATS). The Dolphin also had Auburn as a Reg play @ home against LSU for a L. The LSU O proved to be too much for the Auburn D that played well up to this point this YR, giving up an AV of 53 YPG the F3 games but gave up 178 on the ground to the Tigers. Auburn stays home 1 more week and will go from being a HD to a HF against another SEC team with Tennessee (Tenn. 4-1 L5 ATS off a loss against a CONF rival) on deck. The Duke also had Penn St as a 3* for a W giving him his only cover on the week. The Duke lost his Top Play on the week with Ohio St @ home (Ohio St 0-3 ATS this SSN). Ohio St has Minnesota @ H this week for their 1st CONF game of the SSN. The Duke & Big Swiss both came in with Purdue (Big Swiss 4*, The Duke 3*) for a loss against Central Michigan. This was the 3rd meeting in just over a YR for these 2 teams, (Purdue 3-0 SU, 1-2 ATS in those meetings) Big Swiss & The Duke were looking for Tiller to come through for the cover here in Purdue`s 3rd HG to open the SSN considering what lies ahead of them the next 3 WKS. It will get tougher for Purdue now as they travel to Notre Dame TW where they are 1-7 SU going back to `92, go back home for Penn St, then head off to Columbus. The Duke took his 1st UD of the SSN in a loss with UCLA as they started a 3 GM H stretch. UCLA plays host to Fresno St TW in UCLA`s last non-conference game of their SSN, then has Washington St who has covered TL 7 against the Bruins. Big Swiss was 1-2 with 3 Reg Plays this week with his lone W coming with a Vanderbilt team that is now 4-0 SU & ATS with 3 W coming as UD. Big Swiss also had N. Carolina & E. Carolina as FAV who got beat outright for upsets. NC gave up 4 TO in the game, and 17 PTS in the 2H to fall to Virginia Tech. E. Carolina is now 2-0 as UD and 0-2 as FAV ATS on the SSN and will find themselves once again in the favored role TW on the road @ Houston. The Cougars lost the meeting LY 35-37 after missing a pair of FG in the closing minutes. Could this be revenge for Houston and the beginning of the end of E. Carolina`s Cinderella season?

2008 WEEK 3 NCAA

Week 3 in the NCAA seen Big Swiss go 3-0 including hitting his top play Georgia Tech. For the 2nd time in as many weeks Georgia Tech was an AD to an ACC team and for the 2nd time in as many weeks they covered. Last week they beat Boston College outright and this week they were beaten by a VT team that only had 48 YDS passing on the day but still managed to cover. VT kicked a FG with under 5 min. left in the game on a drive that was kept alive by 2-15 yard personal foul penalties against GT to put them up by 3. VT managed to hang onto the 3 PT lead for the remainder of the game to get the SU W despite GT racking up 278 YDS rushing on the day. GT also had 3 turnovers on the day which never helps in close games. Big Swiss also had 3 star plays on the day out on USC (who was also our free pick of the day for a W) and Vandy, both as H FAV. It was business as usual for #1 USC as they dominated Ohio State who was missing their star TB Chris "Beanie" Wells and held the Buckeyes to only 30 YDS in the 2H. USC not only has Ohio State`s number, (haven`t lost to Buckeyes since `74) but also the Big 10`s as USC has now won their L8 games against the Big 10, all by DD & by an average of 25 PTS. Big Swiss wrapped up the day with a Vanderbilt team that is now 3-0 SU and ATS on the season. Dolphin Sports was 2-2 on the week coming in with Baylor on Friday night for a W (also a free pick) in a game that was moved up from Saturday to beat the expected weather from Hurricane Ike. Baylor's freshman quarterback Robert Griffin brought his own storm as he ran for a school record 217 YDS & 2 TDS on 11 carries, carrying the Bears to a 45-17 win. The Dolphin also had Penn State for the 2nd week in a row as DDF as his Top play for a W as they racked up 560 all purpose YDS on the day putting the smack down on the Orange as the Orange have now dropped the 1st 3 of the season SU and ATS. Dolphin Sports 2 losses on the day came on Kentucky & Iowa, both DD H FAV who got the W SU but failed to cover. Iowa still hasn`t allowed a TD this season allowing only 8 PTS in 3 GMS. The Dolphin took a bad beat on the Iowa game as it looked like they had the W locked up but traded a safety for field position with 28 seconds left in the game to give Iowa St the back door cover. The Duke went 1-2 on the week as he took all DD H FAV (The Duke has yet to take a UD this season) and hit his 3 star on TCU as they held Stanford to 10 FD, 193 total YDS on the day and picked up 3 TO En route to the home W in another game that was moved up to noon because of the hurricane. The Dukes Top Play on the the day was on Boise St who appeared to have it wrapped up until early in the 4Q when Bowling Green successfully completed a 4th and G from the 4 giving BG their only score on the day and giving them just enough PTS for the ATS W. Clemson was The Dukes 3rd play on the day as they hosted a NC State team that only had 3 PTS on O all day but returned an INT for a TD on the opening play of the game that was just enough for the cover.

2008 WEEK 2 NCAA

First off, we would like to thank our members who upgraded their accounts last week during our special offer. For those of you that jumped on one of our VIP Service special`s we offered last week, you were rewarded with an 8-1 week in the NCAA. Our non-paying members were also rewarded as we won our Bonus Trend on the week that is offered for free and posted on our Member Home page. Our VIP Service was led this week by Newly monitored Dolphin Sports who went 3-0 on the week taking all DDF. The Dolphin hit his Top Play Penn St as they were missing 2 defensive starters. They still only allowed 14 PTS on the day and seem to have the spread offense clicking on all cylinders putting 111 PTS on the board in the 1st 2 games of the season (although the opener was against coastal carolina). Penn St had the line covered 19 seconds into the 2Q and maintained it throughout the rest of the game. Dolphin Sports also had a 3* on Oklahoma who put up 31 in the 2H with help from Ryan Broyles who set an Oklahoma freshman record with 141 receiving yards that helped the Sooners extend the nations longest home winning streak to 20 games. Cincinnati was led by Mardy Gilyard, who broke the school record with 365 all purpose YDS in a losing effort. The Dolphin wrapped up the weekend with another Oklahoma team, this one from Stillwater. Oklahoma St trailed 14-16 at half, but also had a huge 2H as they scored on their 1st five 2H possessions on their way to posting 42 PTS in the 2H against Houston for the 3 star win. The Duke went 4-0 on the week as he also had all FAVS. The Duke had Penn St as a 3 star on the week for a W and rode 3 Big 12 teams to the bank with Kansas (4star), Iowa St (3 star), and Texas Tech (3 star). Kansas had 538 yards on the day led by Reesing`s career high 412 YDS & 3 scores as the Jayhawks shutout LA Tech 29-0. Kansas will have their work cut out for them Friday night as they go on the road for the 1st time this season and will also be playing their 1st ranked opponent this season in a #19 South Florida team. This was payback for Iowa St as they held off a Kent St team that beat them LY in Gene Chizik's 1st game as coach at Iowa St. Iowa St has Iowa on deck (Quick Trend: Iowa St 9-1 L10 ATS VS Iowa). The Duke also had #19 Texas Tech on the road at Nevada for the W to round out his perfect week in college. Like our other VIP Service handicappers Big Swiss had Penn St (4 star) on the week for a W. Swiss also had three 3 star plays on the week. Wyoming as a HF, which was also our free play of the week turned the ball over 5 times to Air Force and failed to get anything going all game in their 3-23 loss at home. Big Swiss didn`t jump on the #14 E. Carolina ship yet, but he`s paying close attention to it after they`ve beaten 2 BCS teams to start the season (EC lost to both teams LY). Big Swiss couldn`t pass up EC getting more than a TD LW at home though and rode them as a HD for the W against #25 W. Virginia. EC is a DD Road FAV this week and we`ll see how they handle that situation before we board their ship. Big Swiss went against Michigan at home for the 2nd time in as many weeks this season and covered both times. His 3 star play on Miami (OH) as DDD against a rebuilding Michigan team looked in jeopardy early as Michigan jumped out to an early 10-0 lead. The fact remains however that Michigan is a team in transition and Big Swiss thinks Michigan has an extremely long year ahead of them.

2008 WEEK 1 NCAA

NCAA 2008 WEEK 1 SUMMARY: Football Services VIP service started out the season going 6-2 (75%) overall week 1 in the NCAA! Dolphin Sports began the season 3-0 in the NCAA with a regular play on S.Carolina against the Wolfpack as S. Carolina covered by almost 3 TDs despite Beecher throwing 4 INTs. Chris Smelley came in and tossed 2 TDs in the 4Q and also got help from the ground as Taylor Rank ran for 1. N.C. State also had 4 turnovers in the game and that`s not gonna get it done against Steve Spurrier who has now won 16 straight season opener`s including the last 9 by an average of almost 20 Points a game. The Dolphin also had a regular play on Colorado on Sunday night as they covered over Colorado St. by 10. The Dolphin and Big Swiss both had their Top play of the week on Missouri for their home opener against an Illinois team that took Mizzou`s BCS bowl bid from them last season. #6 Missouri and #20 Illinois combined for a total of over 1,000 yards and 94 PTS. Heisman hopeful Chase Daniel was 26-45-323-1 and is worth watching in the coming weeks as Big Swiss see`s Daniel`s and Maclin tearing up Defenses this season. Big Swiss also had a 3 star play on Utah over Michigan in Ann Arbor, which was also Football Services Free NCAA play of the week for a win. Utah was an underdog on the road but won outright. Big Swiss thinks Michigan is in for a long season. Big Swiss also had a regular on Wyoming who was a DD FAV and squeaked out the SU win but failed to cover landing him at 2-1 on the week. The Duke was also 2-1 on the week as he picked 3 favorites. The Duke had California for a win as a regular play as they watched it go to the end in their home opener against Michigan St. The 2 teams lit up the scoreboard as they scored 31 points in the 4Q as California has now won 15 of their last 17 at home SU. The Duke also had Oregon (regular) as a DD home favorite against Washington. 3 different Oregon QB`s seen playing time in this one as Washington controlled the ball for over 10 minutes longer than Oregon but was dominated by the Ducks on the board. #9 Clemson rounded out the day for The Duke as his Top play of the week against the #24 ranked Crimson Tide. This was a long day for the Tigers as they rushed for 0, that`s right..zero yards on the day. Alabama controlled the ball for over 41 minutes in this opening day thrashing of the Tigers who have high hopes coming into the season. Clemson has the offensive players to make this an explosive offense, the question is, can they get it going? They were held to 3 PTS on offense all day, the 1 TD came from a kickoff return that was taken 96 yards to the house. We`re not giving up on Clemson yet.