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FootballServices.com is maintained by 3 handicappers who are dedicated to winning, plain and simple. FootballServices.com first went live in December of 2006 and our handicappers offered a free handicapping service for the remainder of the 2006-2007 NFL and NCAA football season. Our handicapping service currently offers three individual`s that are known on the service as Dolphin Sports, The Duke, and Big Swiss. Each has been around and studied football for the majority of their lives, and each brings something unique to the table. While The Dolphin has studied football trends in both the NCAA and the NFL for over thirty years, Duke and Big Swiss rely less on trends, and more on the fundamental aspects. The Duke also is an avid fantasy football player and believes this has helped him significantly over the last few years to be aware of mismatches and personnel changes that will have a definite impact on the outcome of the game`s being played. You can read more about each individual in the handicappers section of the web site.

Our belief here at FootballServices.com, is to use the information we have available to us to present you with our best educated prediction`s on football game`s and let our records speak for themselves. Our goal is to make our web site, services opinions, and history of our picks as transparent as possible. Due to this belief in strict honesty and transparency in our football services, our handicappers were not monitored by a monitoring service during the 2007-2008 NFL and NCAA football season. Dolphin Sports is currently being monitored for the 2008-2009 football season and although The Duke and Big Swiss currently are not being monitored, they may be in the future. We will make information regarding this decision available to our follower`s as available. To help in the transparency of our services, we will post our previous week`s reports that may be viewed for free within a few days of the completed week. While you will be able to view our past reports for free, you may still be required to become a non-paying member to access them. Paying-members will have access to not only our previous week`s reports, but also our current weeks picks as they are available. We are currently working on other services that will also be available to both paying and non-paying members.

We also ask that you please use this service within accordance of all state and federal government regulations. All information on this site is intended for amusement only and any illegal use of the information posted on this site will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas of something you would like to see, please feel free to contact us. We acknowledge that without "you" there is no "us" and we want to make your experience here at FootballServices.com an enjoyable stay for years to come. You can contact us by email at customercare@footballservices.com. For your convenience you may also contact us by filling out our, "contact us" form by clicking here. Thank you for your support and remember, here at FootballServices.com, "we don`t gamble, we make educated predictions".