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I have studied and been handicapping both college and professional football for over thirty years. Although I always analyze each game on an individual basis, I am also constantly studying and tracking trends. I`ve been tracking trends for over 30 years, and everyone around me knows, I have many "trends up my sleeve". I believe numbers don`t lie and if you have a strong trend, It`s worth looking at. Beyond analyzing games by trends themselves, I look at stats and especially at mismatches; whether the mismatches are on individual or team levels. Over the years, Ive learned not to be afraid to take large favorites in college, a home dog, and a good team getting points. I have a little saying, "When your bad, YOUR BAD!". Ive learned that a bad team doesn't get good overnight or in a week or two, especially in the N.F.L.. In pro my theory is to pick the winner and let the points take care of themselves. In college, my theory is to "lay anything". I`m very selective with my picks and not a person who will take a lot of games on Saturday and Sunday. I will seldom take a game on Thursday, Friday, or Monday nights due to the fact I believe I can find a better point spread to ride on days when there`s a greater number of games being played. If I do have a play or a strong opinion on a day besides Saturday or Sunday, there`s a good chance it will be an over/under. I'm excited and confident about my second full season on, and look forward to giving you my educated predictions.

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HANDICAPS : NFL Football, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball

I have been handicapping the NFL for over twenty years. I specialize in the NFL, and although I do study the NCAA, in the past I have kept my college picks to a minimum. The past 2 seasons I have studied the NCAA more thoroughly and this (2008-2009 season) will be the first year I will be handicapping the NCAA for the entire season. I have also been participating in numerous fantasy football leagues over the past five years. I believe this has helped me a great deal in recognizing "on the field" mismatches and a particular teams' strengths and weaknesses. Although I do have a few trends I am always aware of, I don`t depend on them a great deal and very seldom, if ever, will make a pick based on a trend alone. I believe in "Strict Fundamental Analysis" to predict games and use trends more as "warnings" to back off a particular game than as a reason I should recommend it. I am a very cautious handicapper and don`t move on a game unless I feel very confident of the outcome. I work hard to give you my best "educated predictions" and I believe it shows. I look forward to my first full year handicapping the NCAA on and believe it will be one to remember.



HANDICAPS : NFL Football, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball

I have been handicapping professional football for over fifteen years and college football for over seven years. I have a few trends I pay close attention to throughout the year, but I am mainly a fundamental handicapper. When handicapping, I try to focus my efforts on teams that I believe are fairly consistent, whether it be consistently good, or consistently bad. I believe I can't be consistent if the teams that I am picking are not. Over the years I have learned, in the NFL, there are a few very unpredictable teams each season. Whether it is due to off field activities that create distractions, or major personnel and coaching changes. My goal is to try and pick the "unpredictable" out early in the year and try to stay clear of them unless they show they can handle the distractions properly. In the NCAA I try to focus on a few well-established conferences and schools and look for teams that have a lot of speed. A player can't be tackled or blocked if no one can keep up with him, and there is always a few individuals in the NCAA that are playing on the level of players in the NFL. They can embarrass other teams very quickly. When handicapping the NFL, I'm an "underdog" type of handicapper and I don't like to lay a lot of points. It doesn't bother me as much to lay a lot of points in the NCAA however, simply because some teams are so greatly mismatched. I feel confident in the upcoming season and look forward to giving you my, "educated predictions".

And remember, "No Balls, No Babies".
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Throughout the season Football Services may give guest handicappers opinions and selections.


HANDICAPS : NFL Football, NCAA Football

After 3 seasons of their online service, Kid Ace was chosen as Football Services first guest handicapper. In his first appearance on Football Services he went 2-1 overall as his NCAA selections went 2-0, and his NFL selection was 0-1. Football Services has made the decision to maintain contact with Kid Ace, and his selections may be available in the future.